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A response to automation under capitalism

Read this=> http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/01/after-your-job-is-gone/ This has always been a topic I’ve invested many thoughts on. This is definitely one of the possible scenarios that would lead to the collapse of capitalism. Its a logical outcome for an economic system in which production is privately owned, profit is tied to cost of manufacturing/employees, and performance is based on […]

News for 2012

Well some important changes are coming. To start we have officially incorporated as a non-profit in the state of NJ. As a non-profit our goal is to transform Demoskratia into an academy for tutorial services free of charge to students from low income families and other special circumstances in the Hudson county area. We will […]


Should corporations be allowed to donate?

*This article is a response to a limited set of results from a poll.   The good news is that most of the people who responded agree that corporations should not be allowed to donate to political entities. The bad news is that still 11% said yes they should be allowed and another 10% said […]


Sexual Drive an Abstraction

I sometimes find myself asking the question of whether or not we would be better off without our constant drive for sex. Mind you sex is natural, pleasurable, and necessary for the continuation of our species, however I do find myself question its value in of its self. Sexual drive permeates our consciousness in the […]

Here is an example of conservative incoherence

The incoherence of humanity

I always ponder on the reason why some people have a hard time understanding and accepting facts. I know people fear change and that stupidity/ignorance also plays a role, but maybe there is something else. I happen to be reading on the ego today for no apparent reason. When I found another piece of the […]



If consciousness were to arise by chance from an ever increasingly complex program within or without the internet or from a successful artificial intelligence program that mimics human intelligence, would or should it be equal to us in terms of rights? This is a difficult question to answer especially if on takes into account the possibility of […]